On 12 June 2024, a Virtual Round Table will be held by the Space 18th SDG Coalition, on the theme of “Collaborating with U.N. COPUOS, Making Space Truly for All“.

Organized by Space Renaissance International (SRI) and the National Space Society (NSS), the Space 18th SDG Coalition celebrates nearly 100 organizations from all corners of Planet Earth.

The United Nations established the U.N. Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), and the Committee for the Peaceful Use of Outer Space (COPUOS) in 1959 to govern space exploration and space use for all humanity, with peace, security, and development. Including 102 member states, COPUOS represents the main international connecter among both space-faring and aspiring spacefaring countries.

COPUOS holds its 67th session from 19 to 28 June 2024.

The Space 18th SDG Coalition’s Virtual Round Table, held a week prior, will urge the international space community to establish more public and proactive positions on key priorities. In anticipation of the emerging cis-lunar economy and civilian-led peaceful space development, this collaboration seeks full and harmonious inclusivity for all stakeholders from all Countries.

The highly interactive workshop-style event, moderated by Robert S. Katz (CEO & Executive Director of World Innovation Network), kicks off with a featured opening keynote by the Space 18th SDG Coalition’s visionary founder Adriano V. Autino (CEO & Co-Founder of SRI).

Following his call-to-action address, five eminent duos of highly esteemed space thought leaders chair five focused one-hour panels:

  • Panel #01 Use of Space Resources (17:00 CET) – Stephan Reckie (Global Entrepreneurship Network) and Martina Dimoska (International Space Alliance);
  • Panel #02 Orbital Debris (18:00 CET) – Haroon Oqab (Kepler Space University) and Mikhail Baskov (iDare Space Travel);
  • Panel #03 Space Law and Private Entities in Outer Space – (19:00 CET) – Gary Barnhard (National Space Society) and Sergio Marchisio (European Centre for Space Law);
  • Panel #04 – Sustainable Benefits 4 All Peoples of Earth (20:00 CET) – Frank White (Human Space Program) and
    Emeline Pat-Dahlstrom (SpaceBase);
  • Panel #05 – Sustainable Space Development and Space for Sustainability (21:00 CET) – Bernard Foing (Space Renaissance International) and Shelli Brunswick (SB Global LLC).


Particularly, the third panel, co-chaired by Sergio Marchisio, will focus on the nexus of space law and private entities in outer space, including considerations on updating the Outer Space Treaty (OST) or drafting new laws; utilizing international treaties as useful design inputs; protecting investors’ interests, intellectual and industrial property rights; the possible need to adapt space law to facilitate smaller competitors’ entry into the space market; addressing global security concerns through the potential extension of the OST, encompassing disarmament, global monitoring, and cyber threat elimination.


Follow the livestream on the YouTube Space Renaissance channel 👉 https://www.youtube.com/live/0jgKij9lWp8

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